2017 Class Schedule

Oct. 18- Dec. 20- For those due in late December or Jan/Feb (2018)      *This will be a 10 week course. I can accept new students up to class 3 on Nov. 1st.

The classes take place 7-9 pm at the Oaks Community Center, 5708 Oak Leather Drive, Burke, VA.  Please register using the tab to the left or email BBbirthservice@yahoo.com

2018 Schedule- April 4 - June 20  and July 11 - Sep. 26

Why take a Natural Childbirth Classes?  Learning how to work with and help your body makes giving birth easier, often shorter and certainly healthier for you and your baby. 
There is a lot to be learned, so the class series runs 12 weeks, meeting one night a week for two hours.  It covers pregnancy, labor and birth, new baby care and much more with an emphasis on staying healthy and low risk.  In addition, the coach's role is well-defined and rehearsed.  My classes are also video enriched.  I believe learning is more effective when the students are actively involved in the class so I regularly use games and activities to encourage participation.  I would love for you to join my class!
You and your baby deserve the best birth, free from unnecessary drugs and their side effects;  taking classes now can make that a reality.  Of the students who use this nationally recognized childbirth method, 85 - 90% avoid C-sections and 86% have completely natural births.  You can, too!  Whether you're preparing for your first or a subsequent birth, these classes get you ready for birth!
"If a mother truly wants a natural childbirth and wants to deliver in the hospital, Bradley classes give her the best odds of achieving the birth she wants," say Dr. William Sears, M.D. and Martha Sears, R.N in their bestseller, The Birth Book (p. 56).  
A normal pregnancy usually leads to a healthy mom and baby - unless it gets complicated at the birth due to the use of unnecessary medical interventions.  Many Americans see birth as a crisis -- something that the baby and mother must be "saved" from.  Frankly, this is just not the truth. 
Although it makes for exciting drama on TV, it sets up frightening expectations and poor results in real life. 
These classes teach about normal, natural birth and teach you to trust your body to do what it was designed to do to birth your baby.  I'll teach you how to make informed decisions for you and your baby.  There are appropriate times and uses for medications during some labors;  once you know what the benefits and risks are, then you have "informed consent."  But nearly 90% of students simply don't need drugs because they've learned so many other ways to cope with labor!  The Nationwide C-section rate has risen to 32.8 percent and at many hospitals in Northern Virginia it is closer to 40 percent.  My classes help protect you from an unnecessary surgical birth, giving you the knowledge and encouragement you need. 
Upcoming Class Dates 
Begins Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2017.  I can continue to take students until Nov. 1st.  This class will end Dec. 20th so it is perfect for those with due dates in December or January/February.  
Classes run 7:00-9:00 pm.  
My classes currently take place at The Oaks Community Center in Burke, Virginia .  If you are interested in signing up, please contact me at bbbirthservice@yahoo.com or register online using the tab to the left.
When to Start Classes
The ideal time to start classes is in the fifth month of pregnancy, around 12-16 weeks before your estimated due date.   Birth is a major physical event, and mother and coach need time and practice to get ready.  

The key to your best birth is relaxation, and you'll learn many techniques in my class. Your body was made to birth naturally, and you really CAN do it!  I'll help you prepare for these new challenges, increasing your courage and confidence in yourself, knowing that Mother Nature is on your side.
The class fee is $375, which includes your workbook, handouts, and my library of books for borrowing along with my ten years teaching experience.   During the 12-week course, you will learn about the natural process and birth, how to avoid unnecessary pain and ways to handle positive pain, keys to breastfeeding success, interventions and why you want to avoid them unless they are medically necessary, and much more. Your husband or coach attends class with you and will learn how to support you in labor and birth.    
If you are interested in signing up for class or want more information, please contact me and I will be happy to send you a registration form.   Payment is collected at the first class meeting.

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