I offer price breaks when you combine the services I offer.                                                                             

Natural Childbirth Class- $375  A private, comprehensive three-session course covering nutrition, exercise, stages of labor, breastfeeding and much more.

Doula Services- $1200  Includes two prenatal visits, attending your birth and a postpartum visit.

Doula Services + Childbirth Class- $1475  

Additional Prenatal Visits or Postpartum Breastfeeding Support- $100 for an add-on prenatal visit tailored to your specific needs

Placenta Encapsulation- $225  Basic encapsulation services (see placenta encapsulation service page for more options).

Doula Services + Encapsulation- $1400

Doula Services + Childbirth Classes + Encapsulation- $1675

Thank you to Becca Allen Photography and Film for the beautiful images she provided above.  Let her know you learned about her services from mywebsite for an exclusive deal.  https://www.beccaallenphotography.com/