"Not to be dramatic, but I really feel that placenta encapsulation saved my life after having my third child. I so wish I’d have had this after babies 1 and 2 - those experiences would have been more peaceful, and I know my babies would have done even better. I usually suffer from postpartum anxiety (a lot of worrying, sobbing, shaking, no energy), but this time around, my symptoms were greatly mitigated because of the placenta pills. I was able to have a conversation without breaking into tears, I felt like I could handle my life, and I felt like my body just healed and recovered so much more quickly and stronger than before. In addition, my milk came in stronger and I had a much better supply than with my previous kids! If and when I have another child, I will contact Bridget for placenta encapsulation the minute I find out I’m pregnant! THANK YOU, BRIDGET!"

                                                                                                                                                                       ~Jessica, Springfield, Virginia

"I came to Bridget to handle the encapsulation of my placenta after the birth of my second child. I couldn't be happier with her services and with the effects of taking the placenta pills. Bridget was fast and efficient. The entire process was so effortless for us which was very important since we obviously had many more important things to be focused on at the time. She made sure to get my finished pills to me before I even left the hospital which was so convenient. And I can't say enough great things about the benefits of taking the placenta pills postpartum. I've had more energy, more breastmilk production, and more leveled hormones than I would have thought possible! I'm so grateful to Bridget for providing such a wonderful service and highly recommend it to other women."  ~Laura, Leesburg, Virginia

"The placenta capsules have been wonderful! There were days when I forgot to take them, and I could definitely feel a difference in my energy level. Thank you."  ~Kristi,  Annandale, Virginia

"I am so blessed that I met Bridget of BB Birth Services. I was looking for someone to encapsulate my placenta because postpartum depression runs in my family and I was told encapsulation would help. I had sent out several emails to various people I found, but Bridget's reply was the only one that stuck out to me. She really seemed to care about me and my needs. I started following BB Birth Services on Facebook and realized she really does have a passion for helping women have the best birth experience. After I gave birth she met us at our birth center to pick up my placenta and was kind enough to deliver everything to my house. It's been 12 days since I gave birth and I am feeling great. I would highly recommend BB Birth Services!"  Myla, Triangle, Virginia