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~When I found out I was expecting #2, I knew I not only wanted but needed to have an unmedicated VBAC (given how affected I had been by our c-section experience with #1).  The first go around, we had tried a truncated Bradley Method class offered over two weekends.  This time, I sought a full deal Bradley class and was thrilled to learn that Bridget was offering a Sunday evening class, which would work with our crazy busy work schedules.  While I appreciated the convenience of the class time, it was Bridget's supportive attitude that made a difference for me.  She was thoroughly prepared for each class and willingly gave extra time before or after class to address personal questions and needs.  If an issue was raised during class, she often did additional research after class and passed along relevant and helpful information.  I loved that Bridget actively maintains her facebook page with supportive articles and information.  And, she makes herself available via email, phone and texts between classes.  I felt thoroughly supported in my desire for an unmedicated VBAC and she made that seem like an achievable feat.  Approximately 2 weeks after classes ended, one day after my due date, 9 hours of labor and one hour of pushing, we, indeed, had an incredible birth experience.  The Bradley Method and Bridget were instrumental in our success.  Thank you Bridget!  Tamara P.

~Thank you so much for being our Bradley Instructor and for being so readily available and eager to help, especially when we were at the hospital.  We learned so much from you and are very grateful for your support and advice.  Lastly, thanks for being a friend.  Ben L., Falls Church, Virginia

~We just want to thank you again for teaching us the Bradley Method.  We learned so much and you are an excellent teacher.  Your wealth of knowledge helped us make important decisions during and after the birth.  We are so glad to have been in your class.  Mandy S., Centreville, Virginia

~The class gave us the knowledge and understanding of the natural birth process and ultimately helped us achieve our goal of a natural birth.  Thank you so much!  Brandon, Sasha and Tyler 

~We hired Bridget as our doula after our first meeting with her.  We both really clicked with her and she was a perfect blend of knowledge and compassionate support.  We had two more meetings with her before giving birth and she spent a lot of time with us answering our questions, discussing our ideal birth and developing our birth plan.  We did relaxation and visualization exercises and she gave us suggestions to help us achieve the natural birth we wanted.  She was also available by email and phone whenever we had questions- and we had a lot!  After I went well past my due date and was facing an induction, Bridget was very helpful at providing me encouragement that my body would work for me and suggestions for things to try to get things started.  When I finally went into labor on my own, Bridget came as soon as my husband called her and suggested different positions for me to try since I seemed to have forgotten everything I learned in class.  Once I was in active labor, she applied pressure and massaged my lower back through most of my contractions to ease the pain or allowed me to use her as a support to lean on and when I was squatting.  Then when it came time to push, she helped support my head and shoulders as I was pushing through contractions  and used a cool washcloth on my forehead between them (who knew that would feel so good!) and was so encouraging.  She also suggested I use a mirror to see my son's head while I was pushing which I was reluctant to do but it was an amazing sight and game me more motivation to bring my son into the world.  Bridget worked so hard for us throughout.  I don't think I would have had as positive of an experience without her- we would recommend her to anyone trying to achieve a natural birth.  Michael and Margaret H., Woodbridge, Virginia

~We started interacting with Bridget as our Bradley Method teacher and then also had her as our doula for our son's birth.  I have to say both experiences were nothing short of stellar.  As a doula:

  a. Bridget was just getting started again after taking a break from having her son and it always felt like we were the only clients she had- always available for a phone call- not just before the birth but even after- on several occasions.

  b.  Goes out of her way to make time for you and make you feel comfortable for your delivery by telling you what to expect and reviewing your birth plan.

  c.  She gets to know your OB/GYN and will come for a visit with you so that everyone is familiar with each other.

  d.  We had a natural hospital birth (Inova Fairfax) and she was there first thing in the morning (8am), went back home since we were waiting to get a room, came back and was there through the night.  Our baby was born at 5:30 am the next day.  All this in spite of the fact that her child was sick that day.

  e.  She came prepared with things like speakers for music, birthing ball, massagers, honey sticks and a whole bunch of other things which may seem insignificant if you already have them but invaluable if you forget to get them.

  f.  We had practiced some relaxation techniques but during labor I was just not able to do the right things to help my wife.  Bridget helped her relax.  She must have massaged her lower back for about 5-6 hours (almost all through the night!)

  g.  She was there to help us whenever we had a choice to make- for e.g. was it a good time to break the water?  Or should we consider an epidural?  How long is too long before you exercise these choices

We were much more relaxed and confident in our choices as first-time parents with someone experienced, calm and tireless as Bridget.  We feel very fortunate to have had her as our doula and would recommend her to anyone considering natural childbirth.  ~Harsh and Sushma C., Fairfax, Virginia

~Our favorite parts of the class were hearing from previous couples about their natural birth experiences, group discussions and question and answer periods, interactive demonstrations of positioning and relaxation techniques, stages of labor, etc.  You have such great explanations.  ~Bradley dad

~I liked how involved and active you try to make each class with videos and games and being very open to questions throughout the class.  Also, I appreciate the articles and Information you sent via email and Facebook.  I enjoyed people coming and sharing their birth stories.  The class was very helpful and informative.  I'm very thankful to have been here.  ~Bradley mom

~We are so thankful to you for all your information and instruction and especially your support and encouragement.  We both really feel like we could not have had such a wonderful birth without you.  You're an amazing teacher, doula and friend.  Jimmy and Sonia

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